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Audio Minutes of the Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee

If you would like to view a link to the original file hosted by the state if Utah Click here.

If using the States file use this summary to help you navigate: The first section at 2:18 minutes is a presentation on state wages. At 16:40 in (-2:24:37) Nathan Checketts and Tracy Gruber talk mostly about state employees as well as some information about private DSPs. Legislators have questions for Tracy Gruber regarding the state of developmental disabilities in the State of Utah starting at 31:10 (-2:10:05). Public comment starts at 43:45 and is worth hearing, and then two provider representatives, Dustin Erickson with CTA and Troy Friden with Chrysalis share their thoughts and field questions starting at 50:56 (-1:50:22)). Sen Jake Anderegg R-Lehi, chair of the Social Services Appropriations Committee, shares his thoughts on the crisis of care and relays an unfortunate death of a child with Autism that occurred in American Fork last year. He notes that the high turnover makes it very difficult to provide quality care and suggest Utah is failing as a state to support people with developmental disabilities. He believes solving this problem is likely the most important and meaningful thing we can do in the state 1:05:25 (-1:36:53)


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